Interviewed Elaine Riddick Sterilized N.Carolina Eugenics Victim

Elaine Riddick Sterilization Survivor Of The North Carolina Eugenics Program. Interviewed By Daryl Brown, Victim Of Chemical Castration From Psychiatric Drugs. (PSSD) Is Eugenics Still Going On?

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Elaine Riddick – Our guest tonight is survivor of the last eugenics campaign of the state of North Carolina eugenics program whose Fallopian tubes they cut when she was just a child Elaine Riddick. Elaine now founded and works for The Rebecca Project For Justice. Helping women across the world who are sterilized by the pharmaceutical drug Depo-Provera made by Pfizer under the guise of other health means. Elaine has appeared on ABC, CBS, Eugenics Survivors Justice Committees and Congress.

The Rebecca Project For Justice

When we use the term PSSD we mean the permanent sexual disfigurement from psychiatric drugs in the form of genital anesthesia and sexual dysfunction. Unbeknown to the mental patients the UK government carries out this scheme called ‘chemical castration’ on criminal pedophiles who unlike for them it is voluntary.

Daryl Brown

Sterilising the mentally ill (is not a side effect)


The Everyday Psych Victim’s podcast.

Welcome to the show.

Daryl > Thank you for joining us and sharing,

Elaine >>> Thank you for having me.

Daryl > Can you tell us what happened to you
and what did the medical industry do about it?

Elaine >>> Well what happened to me is —

Of course my parents were, you know, dysfunctional
and what happened to me is, my mom was in prison and the government here decided to take advantage of that, because we were very poor people, and I was living with my grandmother. What they did was, I was a victim of rape at the age of 13 years of age. And when I had my baby, they, without my knowing, they went inside of me when they delivered my baby, at the same time, and they sterilized me when I gave birth to my son.

As a matter of fact, when they went inside of me they took my baby by Cesarean, and from what I’m learning is that they say, “while she’s open, while she’s gutted open, let’s just sterilize her at the same time.” And this is what they did to me I didn’t find out until I was 19 years of age. I was married at the time and I was trying to start a family. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t pregnant, what happened. And in between that, from the time I was like 14, after I had my son —

I kept hemorrhaging and bleeding and passing out, falling out in the street, no matter where I was. But nobody at that point still knew that I was sterilized.

So finally, how I found out at a later age is that one of my doctors told me after doing a thorough examination that I had been butchered. I didn’t know what they meant when they said “butchered” so finally, she referred me to another doctor and the doctor explained to me that somebody had sterilized me, and explained to me what sterilization was. Like I said, I didn’t find out until I was 19 years of age.

Daryl > What on Earth reason did they give to say
that they had done that insidious bodily invasion?

Elaine >>> Well the reason they gave, or tried to give, was they said that I was feeble-minded, and it was best for me, and that the best thing that they could do for me was to sterilize me so I would not produce any other children that was feeble-minded.

What they did not understand is even if I was feeble minded, mental illness is not hereditary.

Daryl > Tell me, how did that change that child?

Elaine >>> My son — [laughs] He ended up, he went to college. Very smart guy. Surpassed everything. At the age of — my son was a millionaire by the time he was 25 years old. By the time he was 25 he was an entrepreneur. So that right there discredits what they were
saying, that it was hereditary, that feeble-mindedness is hereditary. There isn’t that many young boys out here today that can go out there, go to school and take and build his own company like my son did. So again, it proves them out to be a lie.

Daryl > Yes. How did this change your life when
you found out about it? How did it change you as a person?

Elaine >>> Well, first of all, I was distraught.
I was beside myself. But all in all, as time went on and to me,
I had to prove to them that I was not feeble-minded. So what I did was I took it on my own — I went to school; I went to college. I decided to speak out about eugenics in America. I decided that it was up to me to go out there and expose these people because they were wrong. You don’t just go and invade a person’s body because of racism or because you feel like it’s so. But you have to also remember who and what eugenics is, and what type of world they were trying to create. So what they do basically… So what they were doing basically is that they were trying to…

They were trying to… What they were — they were trying to get rid of “a bad gene pool” which I did not fit into that. It’s “bad blood” — they were trying to create a “pure race.” And every chance they got they were taking advantage of children and of people that could not speak for themselves. And when they saw that this was a good target
— because my mother was in prison, my dad was an alcoholic, shell shocked from
World War Two — they saw me as a good target for them to sterilize.

Daryl > Do you believe the government and health
eugenics organizers that plans the denial of your pro-creation hoped most of their victims, including you, would die before any remedial justice happened
or be shamed into the durfy corners of silence?

Elaine >>> Of course. Especially since — basically
if you look at who eugenics is, it is government. They put out these programs. These are the 1-percenters. These are the rich people that sits up in Washington D.C. And these are corporations. They feel like — “if we don’t get rid of them, they are going to become a menace or they’re going to become a problem for society.” They felt like they would have to take care of us and these the things that they didn’t want to do. And that’s awful.

Daryl > Did any remedial or awareness actions come

Elaine >>> Once I found out that they had sterilized
me at the age of 19, when I found out, I immediately went to the
American Civil Liberties Union who brought out a lawsuit. It took me over 43 years to get the state of North Carolina to agree that what they did was wrong. It took me that long to get compensated for what they had done. So what the state of North Carolina had did
was they actually awarded the sterilization victims of the state of North Carolina. They put in their budget 10 million dollars. Mind you North Carolina has sterilized 7,600
people. And not only did they do me in the 70s, out of the 7600 people that they sterilized,
299 of those people were children under the age of 19. They have went as far as sterilizing 7- 8- 9-year old kids, and the youngest that they did was a 5 year old girl. What they did to women was they gutted them open. They burnt, tied, clipped their tubes. Or they took out their body parts.

What they did to men is that they performed
— what do you call that — vasectomy on men. They surgically sterilized men also.

And today they are using different methods. And this is where we get into the chemical
castration of people, men, young boys, and young girls here in America. By means of such as injection, pills, water, the food. This is what they’re doing — with the GMOs. They are constantly doing it today. Nothing changed. As long as we have eugenics here it would always continue. As long as we have white supremacists here, it will always continue.

Because this is part of the eugenics movement.
I mean what kind of a little boy, 10 years old, or a little girl?

Daryl > Yeah. What can you do?

Elaine >>> They don’t even know the difference. Right.
They don’t even know the difference. They don’t even know that there are different
genders. So what can they do that cause these people to commit such a crime on their little bodies. This is hard. This is wrong. This is an evil that people do because they want to have a “pure race of people.” If you are not blond hair blue eyed, then you don’t you don’t deserve to live in this world. God didn’t put us here for that.

And that’s a shame that we have this type
of mentality here and anywhere else in the world.

Daryl > Yes. I wanted to ask you about some of these

Thank you, Elaine, you have talked so eloquently
about your experiences in the state of North Carolina the eugenics program.

With your expertise and knowledge working
with the International Rebecca Project for Justice, could you help us answer some questions with your experiences on if there is a continuation of the eugenics

Elaine >>> Yes.

Daryl > Can you explain what the Rebecca Project
for justice is and what work you do for them?

Elaine >>> Actually I am owner. I am the CEO, president. I am the Executive Director of the Rebecca Project and what we stand for — the Rebecca Project
for Justice is a transformational organization that advocate protecting life, dignity, freedom for people in the United States and in Africa. What we try to do is we try — Again, as part of eugenics exposure, because as we know, they are lacing the Depo-Provera drug and targeting black women with it. And what that Depo is doing when they lace that drug, they are using a chemical — getting back to chemical castration — they’re using a chemical if the woman is pregnant she would self-abort her baby. And if she’s not, what they do is they give them chemicals to sterilize them. So what we do is we bring awareness to people what eugenics is doing to them by means of implementation such as…

Oh my god, they have these microchips that
are implanted in women.

They have the surgical sterilization. They
have the the birth control, which is sterilizing them.

And again, they put the fluoride, mercury,
and aluminum in water, and in our food.

And then you have the abortion.

Daryl > And were they clear when they give these
women… That’s the Pfizer-made drug Depo-Provera.

Is this informed consent?

Elaine >>> No, they’re not clear. No. None of them
have informed consent. What they do is they threaten these women
and men and tell them —

because they give them Depo-Provera now — What
they do is they threaten these women.

And they tell them if they do not submit to this chemical, that they will get in touch with the state or the county welfare department. If they have children and they’re receiving
food stamps, they will cut their food stamps. If they don’t submit to it, what they would
do is they will lock them up. And then they would take the children away.
Which is what we call medical kidnapping here.

Daryl > What is the reason that they are giving
to coerce these women and men into taking Depo-Provera other than the threats? What’s the initial reason that they are saying
they should have these Depo-Provera?

Elaine >>> Well well in California for instance they
tell the woman that if she don’t do it — they’re not really giving them reasons. They make
it mandatory that they do this. They don’t give them. Because as long as you’re
paid to receive a public assistance, they don’t need to give you a reason.

Daryl > Yeah. So they don’t even give people a reason.
They just say it’s part of their health checkups or something?

Elaine >>> Well they don’t tell them anything; they
just threaten them, coerce them and tell them that it is mandatory.

If you don’t get it you go to jail. If you don’t get it, we have the right to come in there and take your children away. Especially if the woman or man is in prison.

Daryl > Is it a vaccination-type chemical?

Elaine >>> Well some of them yes. But what we have
to remember is that when you are incarcerated, you don’t have a voice.

And with the vaccine — they’re doing it through
vaccine. You know, like with the M M R vaccine.

Which they developed… Again, they develop
the M M R to target young black men.

That’s why if you noticed — all of a sudden there’s all these vaccines being given out. That’s another form of castration and it’s another form of changing the gender. When you change a gender, when you give them these these drugs, and it changes your gender —

that means that if you are a man you can not produce sperm. OK. Because it lowers the man’s sperm count.

Daryl > Yeah. It’s a net effect of preventing procreation?

Elaine >>> Exactly. So they are doing it through
any means by any means necessary.

Especially to the water and the food here.
This is what they’re doing.

And if you look at the vaccines and see what they’re made out of. Oh my word. It’s a wonder if these people haven’t lost their minds. You are again with the mercury, the aborted baby tissues You know, the mercury, aborted baby tissues, the fluoride, the aluminum, and a bunch of other things that they are using in this stuff.

Daryl > Pfizer pushed the first so called antidepressant onto the market called Prozac. Although all antidepressants and anti-psychotics cause permanent anesthesed genitals and sexual dysfunction, recently Pfizer became the first to vaguely admit that this is a possibility on some versions of their American Prozac leaflet. Does this surprise you?

Elaine >>> Nothing at Pfizer surprises me. Everything —

That’s the thing. You know like for instance
like take Depo-Provera. Pfizer bought it from Upjohn, bought the company from Upjohn,

and anything that Pfizer Upjohn, Bill Gates,
and any of these people do is to eliminate human beings from this earth.

Bill Gates, again, have already stated that
by the time 2035 comes —

I mean they would be killed off. How many
people? So many billion — 8 billion more people.

Daryl > The numbers are frightening. Those numbers
that I’ve heard about absolutely frightening.

But it’s happening now, as we speak.

Elaine >>> Yes. Yes.

Daryl > Did you receive appropriate informed consent
when you were later pushed or given antidepressants?

Elaine >>> When I was given — I took Prozac and Seroquel. At that time I was so upset because of what the state of North Carolina had did to me — I took it because it was basically the only thing that could relax me. But however — they told me I had to take it for the rest of my life. But I weaned myself off of those drugs, because
I realized that I didn’t need it, it wasn’t me. It was what had happened to me. And you can’t take my life away by prescribing me drugs that cause debilitation or cause my mind to debilitate. So by my weaning myself off of it — I was able to see what really was going — what’s really gone on. Because I’m not constantly in a sleep stupor.

Daryl > Yeah, that was one of the ways I got to
fight back as well — when I weaned myself.

Elaine >>> Yeah.

You have to wean yourself off because these
people — they give you these things to keep you comatosed.

Daryl > Yes.

Elaine >>> And that way as long, when you’re comatose
you can’t fight; you can’t fight back.

Daryl > When you were robbed of your organs of reproduction
and your civil liberties like the civil freedoms to reproduce — what you think of the Cold Spring Harbor Eugenics Project to sterilize 15 million Americans by the social scientists like Graham Alexander Bell who invented the telephone and the Rockefeller
Foundation social scientists, and when William Beveridge, the creator of the welfare state said people should be registered as a knowledge dependents of the state and lose civil freedoms like fatherhood

— The racial and social hygiene movement — Margaret
Sanger of Planned Parenthood, all key members of the Eugenics Society.

Do you think rebranding the Racial Hygiene
Association, then called Family Planning,

into women’s health and mental hygiene into
mental health is a continuation of eugenics?

Elaine >>> Yes it is. Because what we have to see…
Again it’s like — take Margaret Sanger for instance.

This is what the lady said — “The best way
to hate a nigger is to kill it before it’s born.”

“They need to be mowed down like weeds” This
is quote unquote.

Look at Rockefeller. From what I understand
— AIDS was developed in a laboratory by theRockefeller Brothers.

Daryl > They invested in biology on —

Elaine >>> Yes. Yes. Cold Spring Harbor. That’s why
they held their labs at where they treat people like guinea pigs.

They develop these, I call them “nuclear weapons.”

Daryl > There was another drug called thalidomide
that deformed more babies because they gave it
to pregnant women

— it deformed more babies than the Hiroshima
nuclear bomb.

Elaine >>> Yeah. And not only that drug. You have
to look at when pregnant women —

They’re given pregnant women all these vaccines.
That is unheard of.

You have to think back in the day when my
grandmother and my great great mother, even my mother —

I’m 63 years old and when my mother was carrying
me, they didn’t have access to this medical help that they have now.

You know they didn’t go to clinics, and all
of us were born normal. But now we have children is born with all
kinds of diseases from these vaccines that they’re giving the mother.

See what they’re doing really it’s killing
them in a woman’s womb.

Daryl > It is terrible.

Elaine >>> It’s part of eugenics. Yes it is. It’s
part of eugenics and it’s a form of de-population.

Daryl > There would be so many more people born.
People don’t realize that what they call “family planning and women’s health” was actually set up by these extremely racist people and they
openly called them “racial hygiene association” or —

Elaine >>> “Racial cleansing.”

Daryl > They openly used to call it that but it
seems they’ve just changed the name to me.

Elaine >>> That’s all it was. Because let me tell
you something. Black people never went to Planned Parenthood
— is what they call it. They never even consider. We know nothing
about abortion. You know when a black woman got pregnant she had her baby. As a matter of fact they are now talking about the one-child policy like China. But let me tell you something — my ancestors had 15 or 20 babies at home. Never even went to these family planning. It’s not even family plan. That’s what they told you it was.

Family planning and abortion. Those are — I
mean, how can it be? When you go into an abortion clinic which
is called Family Planning, Planned Parenthood, yet and still, what do
they tell you?

They don’t tell you nothing about the planning
your family.

What they tell you and what they do is push
abortion and abort your baby.

I mean 15 million babies have been slaughtered
in the womb.

Black babies have been slaughtered in the
womb since 1972.

Millions — 65 million babies a year is what
you doing. You call that family planning?

You kill 65 million babies a year. Every year
since 1972. Since Roe v. Wade.

Daryl > That’s a lot of people that — Children
are special and can benefit the world. It’s terrible.

Elaine >>> It’s devastating. It’s devastating when
we know that we have this sort of mentality out here running this government, running
the country and running the world. It’s all for their pocket sum. Greed. Selfishness. And what about the ones that — I mean we
have gone so far now as we are talking about killing babies after it’s born.

— letting their mother carry the baby for
nine months and then after the mother carries the baby for nine months, you’re going to snatch that baby out the mother’s
womb and inject it with a needle in the spine and in its brain to kill it.

This is how weird we are. This is how crazy
the world is. And they don’t know that they are crazy.

This is sinister and it is unacceptable.

Daryl > That’s exactly why — Thank God for people
like you —

Elaine >>> And you.

Daryl > And me hopefully are coming out to expose

Elaine >>> And we’re going to expose it because people
have to wake up.

The reason why — there will never be any
peace in the world as long as we allow this to happen.

As long as we allow abortions to happen there
would never be peace amongst men.

Because when you get to the point where you
kill your baby in the womb — that tells you man don’t have no love.

There’s no love in this world because you
do that.

When you slaughter the most innocent being,
what kind of love can you have for me when you allow this to happen?

Daryl > They haven’t got people’s best interests
at heart that’s for sure.

I think we’ve exposed that pretty clearly
on the MSNBC TV documentary that you appeared

in on this North Carolina Eugenics program

state representative Larry Womble said on
sterilizing people on welfare “it was a monetary economic thing.

— Get them off of welfare so the state would
not have to pay for their children. That’s fine but you don’t do that by doing
this kind of thing.”

Do you think they have a right to deny people
civil liberties in exchange for welfare?

Elaine >>> Well let me explain something. I mean
I look at it this way.

That’s a reason why God put us here. We are
not here in this state of being because we choose to live a certain way.

God said — be fruitful, multiply, replenish
the earth in my image. However, man helped put certain people in
the position where they can not benefit.

Because they don’t provide jobs and if they
had jobs —

what they did was they took those jobs away
to put them in a certain class so they can’t support their family.

Daryl > I agree.

Where can people go to find out more about
the Rebecca Project for Justice, and your story?

Elaine >>> Well you can go to the rebeccaprojectjustice.org
and you can pull it up. And if you have access to an Internet you
can Google. I have so many stories out there. You can just Google Elaine Riddick eugenics

That’s E L A I N E R I D D I C K Eugenics
victim. You can google that up.

Daryl > Thank you.

I’m running in a campaign called run against
castration. I am running marathons to raise money.

I’ll be running a marathon in April 2018 for
the risk prize to cure a permanent chemical castration from psychiatric drugs also called
PSSD. What you think about this?

Elaine >>> I think that’s a good idea. Anything that
you can do to bring awareness and let people know that they are out they are harming people. What these chemical drugs and with the surgeons. I think it’s a very very good idea. And I wish I was there to run with you.

Daryl > Yes. It could be a project that grows.

Elaine >>> Well let’s pray that it is. And let’s
pray that we can bring awareness. And let’s pray that people are loving enough
to hear our stories. Because we do exist. And it’s not right what they’re doing to humanity.

You know it was so bad here, Daryl, at one time — I forgot the year ’20 or ’30s where they used to take black women — and when they sterilized them. I don’t know if you saw that. But they but you say take them, not in a hospital. But there was this doctor John Sims I think his name was — he was the one that developed the forceps for opening a woman up to look inside and all that. What he used to do is when he — He used to
experiment on black women. Because they said that like black people — they
could take all this pain. So what he would do what was he would take
them out in the back of his house in Alabama

— and he lived in New York too, wherever
he lived.

He would take the women and he would take
them without giving them anesthesia and he would gut them open and sterilize them.

Can you imagine?

Daryl > And this is a medical doctor…

Elaine >> Yes. You can Google him up. Or I’ll send
you his information and which —

Daryl > Thanks, yes. I’ll put that up.

Elaine >>> Yeah. I’m going to send it to you.

And he would do it without giving them anesthesia.Do you know, if you stub your toe it’s going
to hurt —

But for a person to put you on a picnic table,
and for you to open me all the way up, and take out my insides and cut them out without no type of pain medication
— This is how cruel this world is that we’re living in.

Daryl > He had help to do that. Clearly.

Elaine >>> I’m quite sure he did. And then he would

This is how — he would take a sharp —

If he was delivering a baby, he would take
one of his sharp tools that he had in his med kit, and he would take it and stick it in the black baby’s brain. And let them bleed out. This is the society, this is the world that
we are living in. And for these people to even think that they are a better race of people what other kind of people would do something like that? Who else would do something like that? So what we’re doing is we’re dealing with demons. These people are demonic.

Daryl > Don’t know how else to explain it. That
would definitely be one way of explaining it. Does the accosting of your civil liberties
still affect you on a daily basis?

Elaine >>> Yes it does. Even if it wasn’t public
— I felt like they had taken something.

They had taken a God given right from me without
my knowledge or without my permission. God bless the woman’s womb.

Daryl > Has the reaction of some people been to
tell you that they don’t think it’s that big of a deal? Or anything like that? Have you come across those reactions before?

Elaine >>> I’ve come across a lot of reactions like that. People tell me to get over it. Because I’m constantly talking about it. But you know what. How can you get over something that is so devastating? It did not affect you. It affected me. And my reaction to it is the way I’m going to react to it — by bringing awareness that this is wrong and people don’t have the right to do this to other human beings. I am nobody’s commodity.

Daryl > What did you think when you came across
my blog called “sterilizing the mentally ill is not a side effect”?

Elaine >>> Well I was thrilled that — I’m sorry that it happened, but the exposure —

I’m always happy to see other people exposing eugenics.

Daryl > Tell me — Has there been any healing for

Elaine >>> Well a lot of people take things and they
never talk about it. So what happened is that it boils inside of them.

But with me — the more I talk, the more I
realized that it’s not my fault and I didn’t do anything.

So it’s a healing for me, speaking about it
and making it known and making it public.

It is definitely a great healing for me.

Daryl > Is there anything that you want people to

Elaine >>> Well I would love —

I hope that whoever is listening — I hope
you will join us and fight eugenics. This is devastating.

No person should be made to feel like less
than a human being.

Those people in Africa that have nothing — those
people out there they are giving the vaccine

for — it is definitely genocide. All of it
is genocide.

And I hope you help us in fighting this war
against genocide.

Daryl > I didn’t want to interrupt you but I concur
that a lot of people have told me, taking a part of my body part like that

— I was a child when I was put on these drugs

— is that I should see it as it’s not a big deal. But I don’t like a piece of my body being taken away and controlled by somebody
else. It’s is an absolute invasion.

Elaine >>> Yes it is an invasion and you have the right the to enjoy life to its fullest. But what they did was they created an anxiety within you by doing that to you.

You cannot live a normal life because it’s
always there.

Daryl > I’m glad I also decided to ignore those people,
not take further drugs they pushed upon me.

And we’re doing something about it. I think
we’ve both made the right decision.

Would you agree?

Elaine >>> I think so. Yeah.

Daryl > Thank you Elaine Riddick. I’ll put up our
information, so if people want to find out more and support our efforts and expose this Medical Evil with a fake smile
on its face they can join us in doing so.

Thank you very much.

Elaine >>> You’re very welcome, Daryl, and thank
you for having me.


Donate to the rxisk crowdfunding prize to cure permanent chemical castration from psychiatric drugs. Donate Now

Please share, Help us end eugenics.


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