Interviews With PSSD Chemical Castration Victims

You can hear and read some interviews I did from victims of chemical castration from mental health drugs on the blog I wrote called ‘Sterilising the mentally ill‘.

Here are some

An Interview with 22 year old Christian who was given unconsented permanent chemical castration (PSSD) from forced psychiatric drugging from ‘antipsychotics’ in his short stay in a mental hospital:

An Interview with a teenage university student given permanent impotence from ‘antidepressants’:

An interview with a Neuroscientist who was given PSSD from antidepressants when he was just a teenage minor:


Check out some more on the Interviews page on ‘Sterilising the mentally ill’ as well as other places…

Due to the shame and humiliation this chemical castration causes on mostly young lives that have already been tarred as being mentally ill, it is very rare and difficult to get victims of PSSD to speak.


*PSSD stands for Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction


2 thoughts on “Interviews With PSSD Chemical Castration Victims”

    1. The only official data that we have is…

      regarding ‘antidepressants’


      Only 1,420 of people on ‘antidepressants’ reported the common ‘side effect’ sexual dysfunction as a side effect to the official drug regulation agency (MHRA).

      290 of those reported PSSD as a permanent sexual dysfunction from the ‘antidepressants’ persisting despite not taking them anymore. That is more than 20% of that initially low reported figure.


      According to the UK – MHRA in this daily mail article

      ‘antidepressant’ sexual dysfunction rates in large scale studies of thousands (by drug name)


      “In a multicenter, prospective, Spanish study involving 1022 people, Montejo et al12 reported a 59.1% overall incidence of sexual dysfunction when all antidepressants were considered as a whole. The differences between drugs are summarized in Table 1 and were as follows: incidence of sexual dysfunction with SSRIs and venlafaxine (an SNRI) were high ranging between 58% and 70% ”


      These studies with thousands suggest the incident rate whilst still on the drug is around half of all the millions taking them.

      This is reaffirmed as a common ‘side effect’ by the other thousands large studies published in that pubmed article. As well as other sources of ‘professionals’ like


      “Ostensibly the report is noting that some recent studies put the rate of sexual side effects as high as 1 in every 2 patients who take it (which seems about right based upon what I’ve heard from patients over the years). ”

      “The most news-worthy part of the article is really about 3/5ths of the way through it:

      But in a small number of patients, it appears, the symptoms continue after stopping the drugs. Based on recent case reports of persistent effects, an article earlier this year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine said patients should “be told that in an unknown number of cases, the side effects may not resolve with cessation of the medication.”

      Such cases are called PSSD, for post-SSRI sexual dysfunction, and if borne out, those effects threaten to make the clinical dilemma around SSRIs sharper.”

      And this is not even touching on the statistics of ‘antipsychotics’ and ‘mood stabilizers’

      The British National Formulary states on antipsychotic-Induced Sexual Dysfunction “Sexual dysfunction is one of the main causes of non-adherence to antipsychotic medication”.

      We have reported on and done plenty of interviews with people with just the same permanent sexual dysfunction persisting from ‘antipsychotic’ drugs. With the unique characteristics of sensational genital numbing.


      Schizophrenia at the schoolgate “Chemical Sterilisation or Castration?”

      As far as official information statistics on the number of permanent chemical castrations caused by ‘antidepressants’ are all we have is the more than 20% in the UK of the official drug regulator, the MHRA.

      (That would be 10% if amount whilst still on is actually around the 50% half. That is a lot of castrated people walking around with millions of people…)

      This is all we have to go on…

      As the ‘mental health’ eugenics industry has never been interested in collating data on the harm and destruction they cause seriously.


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